Harnessing the power of IgE in Oncology


Why IgE?

IgE evolved to kill multicellular tissue-dwelling parasites. Epsilogen is harnessing this power to kill solid tumours

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MOv18 IgE

MOv18 IgE targets ovarian cancer and is the first therapeutic IgE antibody to enter clinical trials.

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Epsilogen has used its IgE expertise to build a fusion antibody combining the best of IgE and IgG

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Laboratory Equipment in Epsilogen laboratory

Epsilogen is a global leader in the development of immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to treat cancer. IgE has several key features that make it ideal for the treatment of solid tumours including greater potency, enhanced tumour access and a long tissue half-life.

The company’s lead product candidate, MOv18 IgE, has successfully completed a phase I clinical trial in folate receptor alpha positive cancer patients. This is the world’s first IgE drug to enter clinical trials. MOv18 IgE was found to be safe and well tolerated with early signs of clinical activity seen.

Epsilogen has constructed a novel and proprietary pipeline of anti-cancer IgE and IgE-derivative antibodies with enhanced functionality.

Recent Press Releases

Epsilogen announces CTA approval for Phase Ib trial of MOv18 IgE in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer

July 9, 2024

Phase Ib study expected to initiate in H2 2024 Previously reported Phase I results showed ...

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Epsilogen appoints Ashley Nagle as Chief Business Officer and Peter Finan as Non-Executive Chairman as part of broader company expansion

May 1, 2024

Ashley brings over 25 years’ experience in business and strategy development within the biopharmaceutical industry ...

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Epsilogen and Lonza Announce Successful Large-Scale GMP Manufacturing of MOv18, an IgE Antibody Targeting Ovarian Cancer

March 5, 2024

First time GMP manufacturing of a therapeutic IgE antibody has been achieved at scale GMP ...

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